Produce the single cell protein (SCP) by the solid cultures methods from the different plant extracts wastes with Trichoderma viride and using in feed of Hamster Mesocricetus auratus


The Aim of this study to produce Single Cell Protein (SCP) by the use of the different plant extracts as nutrient media (Schanginia aegyptiaca, Ceratophyllum demersum, Data-palm leaves, corn cobs, Wheat Straw), the fermentation of the followed by solid Fermentation.Efficient isolates were obtained to produce biomass of the fungi, Trichoderma viride, the best efficient isolate were selected for the use in producing single cell protein and the results showed the following:1.The best nutrient medium was obtained from Schanginia aegyptiaca and Data-palm leaf powder extract.2.The best growth diameter was obtained from isolate on the solid media and was 11.4cm under pH= 6 and 30˚C with the data-palm leaf extract at a concentration of 2.5% as a carbon source and fungal percent of 3% after six days of incubation.3.The used extract in growth media for the fungal isolate were characterized by good content in their nitrogen, sugar, phosphorus and total protein.4.Results showed that the produced microbial protein components were 24.69% as crude protein; and 31.95% of carbohydrates and 3.86% of RNA and DNA. The produced protein from isolate contained 16 amino acids and their quantity was 82.5gm/100gm protein. Tests indicted that the produced protein were free of fungal toxins. The bioexperiment of using single cell protein produced microbially by fermentation of the solid media within the hamster (Mesocricetus auratus) diet showed a significant increase in their weights in all diet substitution. The highest average weights were 86.41gm for the isolate at 100% substitution after seven weeks