High Risk Factor Values of Cardiovascular Disease and Uric Acid Levels in Sera of Patients with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus

Asim A.Alsalihy --- Khowla A. Shemran --- Abdulsamie H. Alta’ee عبدالسميع حسن الطائي --- Mufeed J. Ewadh --- Emad Hassan Mahmood

Medical Journal of Babylon مجلة بابل الطبية
ISSN: 1812156X 23126760 Year: 2004 Volume: 1 Issue: 3-4 Pages: 225-233
Publisher: Babylon University جامعة بابل


Diabetes mellitus is a chronic illness required ongoing medical care. As a result, laboratory testing has become an essential part of the evaluation and monitoring process in diabetes management. Further tests are required to establish the correlation between hyperglycemia and other disease parameter. Therefore, the correlation between cardiovascular disease risk factor values and uric acid levels in sera of adult patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus (without renal diseases) and healthy controls have been studied. Total cholesterol, HDL-cholesterol and uric acid in sera of 52 patients (36 males and 16 females) with poor hyperglycemic control type 1 diabetes mellitus and 30 healthy controls (19 males and 11 females) were determined. Results of present study show significantly higher risk factor values (P < 0.001), which means increasing in the probability of atherosclerosis incidence. Also hyperglycemia found to be associated with hyperuricemia in type 1 diabetic patients.