The Sunflower Oil (SFO) as mucosal Immuno adjuvant In Rabbit O. caniculus

Ibrahim. M. S. Shnawa

Medical Journal of Babylon مجلة بابل الطبية
ISSN: 1812156X 23126760 Year: 2004 Volume: 1 Issue: 3-4 Pages: 367-375
Publisher: Babylon University جامعة بابل


The wheat gluten was separated by alkalinzation methods method, wheat gluten peptide antigen (WGPA) was found as a proleine rich gluten. WGPA solutions were used as a test imunogen for immunopriming of rabbits (O. caniculus). Six groups of rabbits, each of two were assigned as; Intramuscular Subcutaneous IM-SC saline control group (I), Oral saline control group (II), IM-SC/ WGPA group (III), Oral/ WGPA group (IV), IM-SC-/ WGPA-SFO group (V) and Oral/ WGPA-SFO group (VI). WGPA specific immunesera were separated decomplementized, saved in aliquots at -18 Co till use. The immunoadjuvant effect was scored by comparing titers in the group V and III as well as VI and IV. The WGPA specific polyclonal antibody titers in the sera of the groups V were as 40960 and III 5120. Likewise, in the groups VI and IV were 40960 and 10240 respectively. The mucosal specific anti WPA antibody titer in group III. Was similarly, it was 3776 in the group VI as it was reaching 1920 in the group IV. Thus, SFO could be used as a candidate enhancer of mucosal immune responses to the mucosally applied vaccines, for animal walfare at first, then after sophistication for human walfare.