Salam Najib Asfar

Basrah Journal of Surgery مجلة البصرة الجراحية
ISSN: 16833589 Year: 2004 Volume: 10 Issue: 2 Pages: 71-74
Publisher: Basrah University جامعة البصرة


‎ Hydatid cyst is a disease produced by the encysted Larvae of echinococcal worms. Echinococcus ‎granuloses is endemic in areas of the Mediterranean coast and middle east, Surgical intervention to ‎remove the cyst that is commonly seen in liver and lung is the primary treatment for hydated disease .‎‎ Sixty- three patients underwent lateral thoracotomy for pulmonary hydatd cyst in the last 4 years at ‎Basra Teaching Hospital. Special anesthetic technique was set for them including omission of ‎premedication drugs , rapid sequence indication, preference of single lumen endotracheal tube than ‎double lumen endobronchial tube, nitrous oxide gas exclusion from maintenance of anesthesia, ready ‎stand–by good suction machine, manual low pressure ventilation, and careful monitoring .‎‎ Nine out of 24 cases with double lumen endobronchial tube showed severe hypoxia intraoperatively that ‎demand urgent change of this type of tubes to signal lumen endotracheal tube. Patient with endotracheal ‎tube had smooth intraoperative environment and no postoperative complications. ‎‎ It is concluded that using this anesthetic regimen from the start of operation for these particular cases ‎makes anesthesia management more easy and safe. ‎