Knowledge and Attitude towards Insulin Therapy among Type 2 Diabetics


Background: Many patients with diabetes mellitus are reported to be reluctant to insulin therapy for reasons ranging from perception of pain and inconvenience to the social embarrassment of using syringes in public. Patients’ fear of the side effects of insulin therapy and its perceived intrusiveness into their lifestyle may contribute to such reluctance, resulting in both physiological and psychological stress.Objective: To uncover the knowledge and attitude (about insulin therapy) of type 2 diabetics’ patients whose treatment has recently been shifted to insulin.Patient and method: A cross sectional study was conducted on a sample of type 2 diabetes patients attending the Iraqi National Diabetics’ Center in Baghdad. The sample was pooled from all patients who fulfilled the inclusion criteria consented to the study. Results: The study involved 133 patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus; out of these, 58 (43.6%) were males. more than 78% were between 41-60 years. The patient's knowledge about insulin, it was found that 2 patients only (1.5%) have poor knowledge, 57 patients (42.8%) have medium knowledge, while 74 patients (55.6%) have good knowledge.Conclusion: The knowledge of the diabetics in our sample is relatively good Holding continuing education programs about diabetes mellitus is essential to upgrade their knowledge.Key words: diabetes mellitus, type 2, insulin, attitude, knowledge.