Preparing and Studying Some Mechanical Properties of Aluminum Matrix Composite Materials Reinforced by Al2O3 particles


The aim of this work is preparing and studying some of mechanical properties [Brinell hardness (BHN) and compression strength] of aluminum matrix composite material that reinforced by (3, 6 , 9 , and 12 wt.% ) Al2O3 particles. Powder technology technique is used in samples preparing. Samples were compacted by using single action pressing then followed directly by sintering process at 500°C under the effect of inert gas conditionsResults were showed an advancing in the Brinell hardness (BHN) and compression strength especially at 12 wt.% α- Al2O3. The development in the Brinell hardness (BHN) and compression strength were found to reach 89% and 54% respectively from the initial properties of unreinforced aluminum samples.