Isolation and identification of oral candida spp. from leukemic children under chemotherapy and treatment with extraction of different plants in vitro

Heba F. Hassan هبة حسن

Journal of baghdad college of dentistry مجلة كلية طب الاسنان بغداد
ISSN: 16800087 Year: 2012 Volume: 24 Issue: 4 Pages: 152-156
Publisher: Baghdad University جامعة بغداد


Background: Oral candidiasis represents a serious problem for children with cancer during chemotherapy. The aim ofthis study was isolation and identification of oral candida spp.Materials and method: Sixty five oral swabs were taken from children suffering from leukemia.Results and Conclusion: The results of isolation in this research showed prevalence of candida.albicans at 64.62 %and C.glabrata 20%. In vitro antifungal activity of aqueous of (Quercus infectoria , Cinnamon , punica Granatum) atconcentration 100-500mg/ml against ( C. albicans, C.glabrata, C.tropicalis and C .famata ) showed the Quercusinfectoria was more active against ( C. albicans, C.glabrata, C.tropicalis and C .famata ) compared with othersplants extracts which used in this study.


Oral candidasis --- candida albicans --- Quercus infectoria --- Cinnamon --- punica granatum