Prevalence of Sickness Absences in Consultant Clinic in Al- Husain Teaching Hospital and Their Impact on Infrastructures

Amir Omran Hamza

Karbala Journal of Medicine مجلة كربلاء الطبية
ISSN: 19905483 Year: 2013 Volume: 6 Issue: 1 Pages: 1489-1496
Publisher: Kerbala University جامعة كربلاء


objectives: Study the prevalence of sickness absencesin consultant clinic of Hussienteaching hospital and their impact on infrastructures in private and public sectors inKarbala province.Setting: This study was carried out inconsultant clinic of Hessian teaching hospital.Methods: Study of sickness absences inconsultant clinic of surgical and medical cases inHussien teaching hospital between (1/10/2010 to 30/9/2011) (excluding inpatients admissionand sick absences of health centres and six hospitals) in Karbala province. It includes Privateand public sectors, gender, number of sickness absences, annual actual work days, physiciansattitude, common diagnosis, students.Results: The number of sickness absences is 6,266 (32% females, 68% males forming 51667days .The actual work days 210-214 days. The majority of sick leaves are public sector Mostof the sick leaves were short terms. Big number of sickness absences occupies specific days.The public sector occupied 97.82% of sickness absences while private sector 2.18%.Conclusion: The majority of sickness absences are public sector lead to negative impact oninfrastructure especially in province where actual work days are less than 210-214 days/year.The extent of prescribing sickness absences not related to the diseases.Key words: sick absence, infrastructure


sick absence --- infrastructure