Atherogenic index of plasma (AIP) as a parameter in predicting cardiovascular risk in males compared to the conventional dyslipidemic indices (cholesterol ratios)

Mudhaffar Sami Khazaál

Karbala Journal of Medicine مجلة كربلاء الطبية
ISSN: 19905483 Year: 2013 Volume: 6 Issue: 1 Pages: 1506-1513
Publisher: Kerbala University جامعة كربلاء


Abstractackground: Several indices had been derived from lipid profiles to establish an index for predicting the risk of having coronary event. The atherogenic index of plasma, is a strongly emerging index that is now fulfilling the criteria to be used as a standalone index for cardiac risk stratification.Objectives: To find out whether the atherogenic index of plasma, was superior to the conventional daily used atherogenic indices in predicting cardiac risk. Subjects and methods: A case-control study in which 119 males with an age range of (43-68) years and with acute myocardial infarction together with 97, apparently healthy males of matched age were enrolled. For each participant, a fasting lipid profile done and the following atherogenic indices were calculated: (total cholesterol / high-density lipoproteins), (high-density lipoproteins / low-density lipoproteins), (low-density lipoproteins / high-density lipoproteins), and the (atherogenic index of plasma). The indices were compared in both groups and then in the patients group to figure out which index has yielded the highest sensitivity in predicting the risk of having coronary artery disease.Results:„X All of the atherogenic indices were found to be significantly different upon comparing these indices in both patients and control groups. Where the P value was (0.0001) for (TC/HDL), (HDL/LDL), and (AIP); and it was (0.0026) for (LDL/HDL).„X AIP was found to have the highest sensitivity for predicting atherogenicity among the other atherogenic indices with a value of 84% versus 68%, 73%, and 76% for (TC/HDL), (HDL/LDL) and (LDL/HDL) ratios respectively.Conclusions: The AIP was a superior index for predicting the coronary arterial disease when compared to the most commonly used indices of atherogenicity in every day practice.Keywords: Atherogenic index of plasma, Coronary heart disease, Atherogenic indices.


Atherogenic index of plasma --- Coronary heart disease --- Atherogenic indices.