The Effect of Garlic Extract on Some Virulence Factors of Proteus Mirabilis


In this work the antibacterial activity of Garlic was studied on Proteus mirabilis which isolated from patients suffering of otitis media and urinary tract infection (UTI), we found that when the Garlic extract be used in concentration 1g/5ml of distilled water shown effect on Proteus mirabilis by inhibition some of its virulent factors.Also, the synergistic effect of garlic extract and some antibiotics including Carbencillin, Doxycyline, Cefoxitin, Ofloxacin and Pipercillin, was determined and the statistical analysis showed high significant differences (P<0.01) between the mean of (Do) antibiotic before and after adding garlic extract, while there are no significant differences (P>0.05) for the effect of Garlic extract on the other antibiotics action.On the other hand, the antibacterial activity of garlic extract on Proteus mirabilis in mice was tested and the results showed that garlic extract have an important effect, it decrease the pathogensity of Proteus mirabilis