Prevalence of Bovine viral diarrhea virus in cattle herds from Basrah and Nassirya Provinces by direct and indirect Elisa and Real time qPCR


The current study was conducted to investigate the prevalence of BVD virus in Basrah and Nassirya city by using ELISA and RT-PCR. Two hundreds and eighty two samples of non vaccinated cattle sera samples collected from two regions of Iraq (188 samples from Nassirya city and 92 samples from Basrah city). Samples tested by Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) antigen capture. Positive results were 20 samples ( 8 sample in Thi-Qar and 12 positive samples from Basrah). All samples submitted to indirect ELISA(IDEXX HerdCheck ELISA )for detect BVDV antibodies .Genotyping of all 20 positive samples to antigen detection were tested by Real time PCR, using Cador BVDV ½ kit, after extraction of virus RNA by QIAamp mini kit. The results revealed that there were 20 positive sample according to direct ELISA(Ag detection), while 66 sample were positive to indirect ELISA, as well as, the result of RT-PCR showed that there were two sample positive to BVDV type-1 (one sample form each city).Key words: BVDV, Genotype, ELISA, Iraq, Real time PCR.