A study histopathological lesions that Induced by Escherichia coli bacteria in kidneys white mice and treated with Zamzam water


The present study aimed to evaluate the histopathological lesions in white mice kidneys that appear when infected with Escherichia coli bacteria orally treatedment in the laboratory and to use Zamzam water for two terms in two different time periods. This study has been shown that the bacteria E. coli cause major histological changes .These changes represented by rupture tubules , urinary hemorrhage , and Infelteration of Lymphocyte . While histological changes in the kidneys of mice treated with Zamzam water showed improvement well where it was noted that tubules urinary distinct by the thickness of the basement membrane, which is based upon the epithelial cells of cubic shape and low infelteration lymphocytes and the disappearance of hemorrhage . the results of the treatment groups for 10 days treated better than for 5 days in both treatment groups.