The effect of strategy Initiation – Response- Evaluation in the achievement of female students in the subject of History


The aim of present research to treat the problem of the low level students in the subject of history by using strategy Initiation- Response- Evaluation in raising the level of achievement of the first class female intermediate student in the subject of history.Female students had been chosen to achieve this aim (74) dividing on tow groups. The first group is experimented have (36) and the second group is (38) female students.The first group had been taught by using the strategy Initiation- Response- Evaluation, and the second one had been taught by traditional method.So, the research had been prepared the behavior aims, teaching plans, and the research tool of re-test which consist of (30) items that had been applied at the end of experiment and after correcting it and treating the data statistically, the results show that the first experiment group that had been taught by Initiation- Response- Evaluation is superior than the second group that had been thought traditional method.According the results of the research presents many recommendation and suggestion.