Enhancing Dissolution of Ibuprofen via Solid Dispersion Using Hydrophilic Carrier and Fast Dissolving Sugars


Abstract:In this study, solid dispersion using hydrophilic carriers (polyethylene glycols) andfast dissolving sugars (sorbitol and lactose) has been employed to enhance dissolution andhence the bioavailability of ibuprofen.Solid dispersions of different weight ratios (drug: carrier: fast dissolving sugars) havebeen prepared using fusion method.Microscopic images showed disappearance of specific features of ibuprofen, carriersand sugars in the solid dispersions.Release study of ibuprofen from prepared systems was performed in phosphate bufferpH 6.8; faster drug release was obtained from solid dispersions with high polyethylene glycolratio and/ or from solid dispersions to which fast dissolving sugars has been added duringtheir preparations.The study also explored hydrogen bond interactions between polyethylene glycolsand ibuprofen in the solid dispersions. FTIR spectroscopy confirmed intermolecularinteraction at (2:1) drug to carrier mole ratio. This interaction was considered the mostimportant factor in enhancing the dissolution of ibuprofen via solid dispersions.