Rhetorical Order in the Opening Surah of The Quran

النَّظْم البلاغيُّ في فاتحة الكتاب

Nayif j. Ahmed al sadani نايف جردو أحمد الساداني

Adab AL Rafidayn اداب الرافدين
ISSN: 03782867 Year: 2014 Issue: 69 Pages: 71-122
Publisher: Mosul University جامعة الموصل


Quran is not only a source of guidance and a source of legislation, but also is a sea full of pearls and precious treasures, bizarre and discreet gems of the rhetoric Which defy hearts and minds. The goal of this research is to monitor the rhetorical phenomena in the opening of the book and reveal the secrets of rhetorical order in this great Sura which is characterized by elegancy which stems from the accurate wording and the accuracy of the rhetorical sense because of the systems and good layout in verses The present study tries to shed tight on these aspects .


Rhetorical Order - Opening Surah of The Quran --- النَّظْم البلاغيُّ - فاتحة الكتاب