Reading as Deferred productive process

القراءة عملية إنتاجية مؤجَّلة

Ibrahim Younis Mahmoud ابراهيم يونس محمود

Adab AL Rafidayn اداب الرافدين
ISSN: 03782867 Year: 2014 Issue: 69 Pages: 207-226
Publisher: Mosul University جامعة الموصل


The research aims at giving obvious indications to the role of the reader as compared with the author post- constracuralism doctrines. The reader is given much bigger role , in these trends , in decoding the text and in elaborating it. In doing so , the reader becomes a creative entity that helps opening closed entries to the secrets or hidden aspects of the text , a role which has not been assigned to so earlier . The overall process requires two basic elements to be found , a creative text and a creative reader . Reading post constrcuralism is a positive participation in rebuilding the text in aesthetic descriptive way . It is given a dynamic notion which aims at engaging into the text using special tools to parenthesize and deconstruct it then giving it a new form and decoration


Reading - Deferred productive process --- القراءة - عملية إنتاجية مؤجَّلة