Herbal activation of mammary gland; a comparative

Fadhil A Al-Khafaji --- Huda M Al-Khateeb* --- Malak A Al-Yawer

Journal of the Faculty of Medicine مجلة كلية الطب
ISSN: 00419419 Year: 2007 Volume: 49 Issue: 1 Pages: 144-146
Publisher: Baghdad University جامعة بغداد


Seventy five adult virgin female Norway rats (60 experimental and 15 controls) were used toevaluate the effect of seeds of three herbs (Fennel, Cumin and Garden cress) on their mammaryglands. Experimental animals were fed with these herbs (each type of herb seeds was given to twentyexperimental rats) for fourteen days. Rats were sacrificed and mammary gland sections wereobtained, stained then morphometrically assessed. Serum prolactin level was performed too.Results revealed that Garden cress seeds are the strongest lactogenic agent among the three. BothFennel and Cumin seeds were shown to be very weak galactagogues.


Fennel --- Foeniculum vulgare --- Cumin --- Cuminum cyminum Garden cress --- Leptidium