Intellectual invasion And its impact on the Muslim world


To be invaded: He moved racial or cultural group, place another group to another area orenter businesses to the area of the settlement of a specific, controlled and when the newmodel is called the former happen sequentially.There is no doubt that the invasion of intellectual Muslims leave the negative effects great ashe used all ways and means to achieve its objectives, after the failure of the West to fightIslam and the harm it, taking looking for another weapon confronted by Muslims and killthem and receive them Fenrah sometimes raise the flag of freedom and the other under thename of education, and other pace with the times.The truth must be told, and we recognize that he managed through the invasion of theintellectual creation of a gap between the Muslims and the faith when others at the veryleast, and see most of the researchers that the beginning of this invasion had since the endof the Crusades as it realized the West that it can not be for Muslims to defeat unless brunchon the concepts of resistance and freedom was the commandment (Louis IX), is the greenlight in front of the West to this invasion, so he decided to be a war against the world ofIslam is a war of word and war thought, was the first attempts is the translation of Islamicthought and control of the land of this thought.This is the commandment in the eyes of researchers and the most dangerous document inthis direction, it opened the door for the battle of (preaching and Orientalism and culturalinvasion and alienation) as well as try to compile and analyze the Koran texts to what itsmeaning is not likely.So his gang recruited West to study Arabic and the Koran and take looking for points that isthe site of contention. Thus began the battle and the pivotal:One of them: send missions to the study of Arab heritage in the Arab countries and otherArab Muslims to attract students to the West, to this and that you intend to shed light onthis dangerous plan of the statement (the hot spots) that prevent the rebirth of the nati