Interrelation between Cranial Base and Facial Heights of Two Age Groups (Cross–sectional Study Using Digital Cephalometric Radiograph)

Younis MS Hasan

Al-Rafidain Dental Journal مجلة الرافدين لطب الأسنان
ISSN: 18121217 Year: 2011 Volume: 11 Issue: 18 Pages: 219-230
Publisher: Mosul University جامعة الموصل


Aims: The aim of this study is to detect the interrelation between the cranial base and the facial heights involving age and sex differences. Materials and Methods: The study was carried out on cephalo-metric of 63 subjects divided into two age groups: The first group including 36 subjects of 10–15 years and the second group including 27 subjects of 16–25 years, both groups of normal Cl.I molar occlusion with full set of permanent teeth. Lateral cephalometric radiograph were selected from computer of digi-tal radiography system (Planmeca dimaxis version 3). Nine linear measurements three for cranial base and six for facial heights with one ratio posterior to anterior facial height were evaluated. Results: There were a significant increase in means of group 2 for each cranial base and facial heights meas-urements, also within each age group means for male samples showed a significant increase in compar-ison with those of females. Posterior to anterior facial heights ratios were involved in normal range for both age groups. In addition a significant positive correlation were found between most of cranial base measurements with those of facial heights. Conclusions: Positive interrelation may be existed between growth of cranial base and growth of facial heights structures.