Estimating of Some Genetic Parameters and Path Coefficient Analysis For Quantitative and Qualitative Characters, of Bread Wheat Genotypes.(Triticum aestivum L.)

تقدير بعض المعالم الوراثية وتحليل معامل المسار للصفات الكمية والنوعية في تراكيب وراثية من حنطة الخبز (Triticum aestivum L.)

Sabah A.Mahmood Al-Dawoode صباح احمد محمود الداودي --- Dawood S.Madab Al-Obaidi داود سلمان مدب العبيدي

Tikrit Journal for Agricultural Sciences مجلة تكريت للعلوم الزراعية
ISSN: 18131646 Year: 2014 Volume: 14 Issue: 1 Pages: 246-261
Publisher: Tikrit University جامعة تكريت


This study was conducted estimate of some parameters and analysis path coefficient of fifteen genotypes of wheat wheat, the seeds planted in the district of Tuz (100 km sothern east) Salah al din province's in(2011-20012) season by using randomized complete Block design (R. C. B. D) Breed wheat , Correlation , path coeffietion: With three replications, each Block contained fifteen units with three lines longed (3 m) and the distance among lines was (0.2m).planted by(160kg. ha-1)seding ratesome characters were studied : number of spikes. m2-, number of grains. spike -1, 1000 kernel weight(gm), grain yield (kg/ha), specific weight( kg / hl), percentage extraction flour(%), protein(%), wet gluten( %), dry gluten( %),the volume of sedimentation (ml) and yield flour (kg/ha), and results could be summarized as follows: Highly significant different appeard among genotypes at 1% probability level for all studied traits. except Specific weight (kg / hl) and protein percent(%).Abu- Ghraib 3was superior in grain yield and quality traits (specific weight and dry Gluten percentage ,and sedimentation volume). Genetic variances were significant in all traits besides moderate phenotypic and genotypic coefficient of variations were moderate in no. spikes. m2-,grain yield(kg/ha), sedimentation volume (ml) and flour yieldHigh heritable value of heritability in the broad sense in most studied characters companied with high genetic advance in sedimentation volume (44.81), while no.spikes. m2-inhibited phenotypically and genetically positively significant with grain yield (kg/ha) also genetic correlation positive and significant between flour yield (kg/ha)and each wet gluten( %), extraction percentage and specific weight( kg /hl). Direct effect of no.spikes. m2- was high and indirect effect were moderate in grain yield and 1000 grain weight respectively, while extraction ratio and specific weight had direct effects which were high and indirect effects were positive with quality flour characters as result wet Gluten regarded as the minor important. In addition of these characters protein percentage had important Direct effect.


Genetic --- parameters --- wheat --- حنطة الخبز ، الارتباطات ، تحليل المسار ، كلوتين