Combination of Optimal Conductor Selection and Capacitor Placement in Radial Distribution Systems Using PSO Method

الجمع بين موصل الأمثل اختيار وتنسيب المكثفات في أنظمة توزيع شعاعي عن طريق الطريقة PSO

Mahdi Mozaffari Legha

Iraqi Journal for Electrical And Electronic Engineering المجلة العراقية للهندسة الكهربائية والالكترونية
ISSN: 18145892 Year: 2014 Volume: 10 Issue: 1 Pages: 33-41
Publisher: Basrah University جامعة البصرة


In This paper presents an approach for optimal placement and sizing of fixed capacitor banks and also optimal conductor selection in radial distribution networks for the purpose of economic minimization of loss and enhancement of voltage. The objective function includes the cost of power losses, voltage profile, fixed capacitor banks and also type of conductor selection. Constraints include voltage limit, maximum permissible carrying current of conductors, size of available capacitors and type of conductors. The optimization problem is solved by the Imperialism Competitive algorithm method and the size and site capacitor banks and type of conductors is determined. To demonstrate the validity of the proposed algorithm, computer simulations are carried out on actual power network of Kerman city, Iran and the simulation results are presented and discussed.


PSO Algorithm --- Radial Distribution Systems --- Loss Reduction --- Capacitor placement --- Conductor Selection.