The expiration of the executive power of the Editors


AbstractImplementation depends to carry out his duties, among other things, to be, however, the creditor executive editor Sticky the right claimed Delighting executive power, power is the executive editors are only the impact of procedural Editor recognized by law, and through it could Editor employer from requiring a hard right to the executive editor, as that the executive power and the characteristics of the elements characterized by, and distinguishes it from other systems and legal ideas that can converge with them at some points.It is understood that give the executive power of the editor depends on the type of direction that takes the law who cares process requiring rights, it is the laws of taking the narrow direction does not recognize the executive force, but judicial decisions, and laws to recognize the executive force official of the bonds as well as provisions, including the Egyptian and French law , while other laws have tended to give the executive power of the Executive Editors all provisions, whether judicial or official or ordinary bonds after that special conditions are available in all of them, and this trend is the Iraqi and Syrian laws.