The extent of the jurisdiction of the provincial non-performing province to impose taxes and fees specialized legal in the legal system in iraq


Summary The change has infected the political system of the Iraqi state in 2003 was reflected in the regime of administrative as Iraq's transition from a simple state to federal, state and granted provincial powers and wide were not owned by this date, appeared on the effect of the problem was the extent of what is owned by the provincial non-performing the territory of the right in imposition of taxes and fees. As the Iraqi state Transitional Administrative Law of 2004 and the Constitution in force for the year 2005 has been demanding to impose taxes and fees age law provides them was the dispute revolves around Can the provinces to enact laws or not. This was the subject matter of a long discussion we have pointed out in the course of discussion, whether on the level of jurisprudence or in surveys of the judiciary during the views put forward by the Council of State or the Federal Supreme Court, which some of this right hands while others opposed it. And the central government in ever-not all that stand in front of the right to claim all the provinces to impose taxes and fees.And the end of all this we see that the provinces have under the current constitution and federal laws issued in which the right to impose taxes and fees, while it does not have under the law of the Iraqi state, the Transitional Administration.