Terms of reference of the CMC and its impact on public opinion iraq model


AbstractCMC function as broadcasting and licensing of satellite channels in Iraq and monitor the audio-visual and visual activities as an independent regulatory body to work within the field of information and communication on legal and technical grounds. And that public opinion differs from the political system to another, as the impact of the days of crisis and emergency for other conditions differ in normal days Thus, for each case and each circumstance appropriate influential suit and commensurate with, and wrote of democratic government is keen nature to provide a lot of opportunities and open the largest number of areas by which the individual and the community to participate in the resolution of the decision-making process, and take the means of communication and media many recreational, cultural and political functions and other functions, and this led to the necessity of organizing this media aspects and means of communication to ensure the legality of their use within the specified criteria constitutionally shown its impact on public opinion .