Internal Marketing and Quality of Service and their impact on achievement of customer satisfaction An Exploratory study of the Private banks in Karbala


The current variables of the study has been Interacted , in order to represent the intellectually framework that can be expressed through the following terms (Internal marketing, service quality and their impact on the achievement of customer satisfaction ). The first independent variable "internal marketing"is Included the following variables( the policy of selection and appointment, training and development , publishing marketing information , enabling employees ) , and it has been expressed about the second independent variable " service quality " , through the following dimensions (dependability , responsiveness, the assurance , the confidence , tangibility , Eligibility , understanding the customer , ease to access and the contacts ) , It also has been adopted five indicators for the dependable variable " customer satisfaction " as following (the safety , the obtain information , the choices , listen to the opinion , differentiation in products and services). Therefore , as a result of the importance of private banks in the process of support and development the national economy , the author performed the practical aspect of study in these banks, and was obtained on the necessary information via questionnaire, which has been used for this purpose and been distributed to the sample which divided into (74) director , workers and (65) customers .