Characteristics and Evaluation of Nano Electronic Devices


Recent developments in nanotechnology have demonstrated that it is feasible to manufacture Nano electronics devices using Carbon Nano Tubes (CNTs) because the mobility between the channels is increased while the switching delay is decreased. The devices based on Nano scale objects with well-defined structure and original electronic properties are great interest for the development of innovative electronic circuits. In this paper, a proposed design of carbon Nano tube transistors, Nano RAMS, Nano wires, Nano Flip Flops and Nano Diodes are presented. The Carbon Nano Tube Field Effect Transistor (CNT FET) leads to an area reduction, density of carbon Nano tube as well as the power consumption is decreased when it is compared with MOSFET. The comparison between Nano CMOS and CNTFET shows that CNTFET is very promising and superior technology for circuit design access time reduction with temperature increasing which is opposite to the Nano CMOS behavior delay. The results obtained are useful in characterizing and evaluating performance of Nano devices and related circuits. The results proved that CNTFET appears to be the best device in future for VLSI. The modeling and simulation has been implemented using MATLAB program.