The effectiveness of the texts of children's theater in the treatment of patients with autism


Children's theater works through the topics presented as a measure of intelligence as it can be observed the child's ability to deal with the icons on the stage as well as measuring the computational capacity of the friendly through texts submitted by type and find out its ability to acquire the vocabulary and restored and observed in the instructions given to followers through theatrical texts, and can it deal intelligences through the following:1.Intelligence abstract: The in ability to deal with the naked stuff like meanings, symbols and ideas and concepts and sports relations.2.Mechanical Intelligence: The ability to deal with physical objects and performing tasks and motor skills.3.Social Intelligence: The in the ability to communicate with others, and in the social processes and the formation of relationships and friendships. That species three achieved through perseverance child to watch the play work and play reading texts, because they help him well to deal with symbols and ideas and learn educational concepts, as well as it gives him mobility skills make him communicate with the community, and therefore it has the chance to find a way out of the introverts that are it.