Behavior of Repaired Reinforced Normal and High Strength Concrete Beams Failed in Shear


This paper presents an investigation of the strength and deformation characteristics of reinforced concrete rectangular beams failed in shear and repaired by epoxy injection.Five simply supported reinforced normal-strength concrete (NSC) beams without shear reinforcement are used. The span of the simply supported beams is 1.28 m with 100 mm wide by 200 mm deep cross section. All beams are tested under two-point loads.A method of epoxy injection is used to repair cracks in the failed-in-shear beams. Careful repair process is adopted and proved successful.The Main conclusions are: a successful repair method is used to increase or at least restore the shear capacity of beams; repaired diagonal shear cracks do not reopen after retesting, instead, new nearby diagonal shear cracks are developed and the repaired beams show a lower stiffness and greater ductility than the original beams.