Review sentences without remedies - A comparative study -


There is no doubt that the judicial ruling is a desired goal for each of the parties to the case despite the differences in their goals and interests opposed to where each party is trying to persuade the court that he deserving of care and judicial protection of the other until the verdict in his favor.The ruling is a judicial decision issued by the court in the litigation as determined by the law of the provisions of this decision, whether issued at the end of the litigation, or when it was traveling, and whether it is issued on the subject of the litigation or on procedural matters.The judge decided when a particular issue and where it separates so exhausted governing authority vested in him on that matter, he may not turn away from what it spent, or to reconsider previously the chapter if the rule invalid.The court issued its ruling if they lose their authority and can not be amended or whether the ruling of the amended rule whether Amendment ruling by deletion or addition of it to himHowever, the judge tainted may issue a ruling certain mistakes or a certain ambiguity, it has been overlooked sometimes chapter in some applications before it at the sentencing, and must therefore remove those cases, which makes it imperative to go out legislator on the basis of exhaustion and permitting the court that rendered the judgment to remove those mistakes as I really appreciate the courts through the review of non-challenged which will create and establish a system of legal and stability to reach a fair judiciary soon, The latter does not only if confidence in the provisions were available, so I started from this particular principle of review sentences without challenged the system.