Iraqi political elites and their role in the civil peace


AbstractThe peace of the Iraqi Al-Ahli, can not be stabilized in the event of the continuation of the current Iraqi political elites policy, because some of them ineligible, and the other is able to do exercise, and a third capable and qualified, but does not allow them to operate in order to achieve peace a real native. The dominant elites seek to the imposition of civil peace (peace is real), has been proven by experience over the past decade the failure of these political elites in the achievement of civil peace, that the best option to achieve civil peace Iraqi done through elites cycle to replace the elites incapable new Bnkhb able to take responsibility, and something like this can not be to be foreseeable future, because the existing elites dominate the political actors in Iraq and that the process of replacing needs time may exceed decade, the peace of the Iraqi National remains risky, and will remain this peace and placebo and non-real because it was not built on the basis of sound, and will be subjected to collapse from time to time because it is based on peace force and coercion.