Study on Cytogenetic of Some Epithelial Skin Tumors in Human and Bovine


The present research includes the cytogenetic study on the same biopsies of the pathological studies that were excised from human and bovine, where the direct cellular culture method was used to obtain cells in metaphase. The chromosomal analysis was successful in six cases using banding technique as well as eight cases of numerical changes. Some of BCC showed simple numerical changes represented by gain in chromosome 18 and 15 and loss of Y chromosome. Non-melanocytic skin tumors (SCC and BCC) almost showed complex numerical and structural changes which occurred in the following chromosomes: #9, #5, #7, #12, #1, #17 and #Y. these tumors were characteristic of marker chromosome which appeared several times in some cases. The sebaceous adenoma was of normal karyotype. In bovine, the cytogenetic study was made on malignant and benign skin tumors, some cells of SCC displayed metaphase of cellular division which due to its low number and fuzzy quality cannot be reliable as indicators for these tumors, and most of these cells showed complex numerical and structural abnormalities.