Study on Some Epithelial Skin Tumors in Human


The present research includes a pathological study of 35 human cases, there were 27 type of tumor of malignant nature (77.15%), of these 14 were basal cell carcinoma (BCC) (51.85%) which represent most of the excised tumors. It was observed that there were an association between ulcerated gross appearance (85.71%) which were the common appearance of the tumor. The squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) is shown to be the second most common tumor, it was diagnosed in twelve cases of the malignant tumors (44.4%). It was shown that those who have SCC are older than those with BCC, all cases of both types of these tumors were located in head region. One case of malignant melanoma, while the rest of tumors diagnosed were five cases of benign tumors and three pre – cancerous lesions (xerodermapigmentosum). The benign tumors were: two cases common warts, two nevus (junctional and compound), and one case sebaceous adenoma.