Almaekerobah study the sensitivity of local isolates of bacteria Ps.aeruginosa against anti Norfloxacin


Was obtained on 51 isolated bacteria belonging to Ps.aeruginosa of different clinical samples, including blood, urine and sputum inflammatory wounds and burns and infections from various hospitals in the city of Baghdad for the period from 01/02/2012 up to 03/01/2012 to investigate bacteria showed Ps.aeruginosa test examination results Allergies against six types of antibiotic resistance all isolates to anti Ticarcilin / Clavulanic acid were 96.07% of the isolates were resistant to anti Oxacillin% and 76.4 resistant to anti Azlocillin The percentage of resistance to anti Norfloxacin% 39.21, as well as resistance to anti Levofloxacin% 27.45 percentage emerged while the lowest proportion of resistance to anti Piperacillin / Tazobactam (% 25.49), focus damper minimum values ​​ranged (MICs) of the Anti Norfloxacin isolates that have shown resistance to this counter (1024-128) mcg / mL, were detected over the susceptibility of isolates to produce Baktriossin manner tablets Alacar Cup disc)), were obtained Azltan on producing Bactriossin of the total (10) and the isolation of 20%, and was Aezzltan producing Bactriossin sensitive to anti Norfloxacin.