Event of Black September in 1970in the viewing of massage Kasenger - Nikson


Telegrams and memos and mutual reporting between National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger and President Richard Nixon has dealt with detail in the events in Jordan during the month of September of 1970, which is known as the (Black September) by the Palestinian factions, however, that the label was not found in correspondence Kissinger - Nixon, where the editors of those reports keen on accuracy in the transfer of the facts of the news, even if it's on national security, US or US-Arab relations or Israeli, it is important benefited Find the thing a lot of the content of those reports, concerning the events and political and military developments in Jordan and the positions of organizations International bodies such as the cross and red, for instance, as well as the Arabs have a clear position with the development of the general situation in Jordan, as well as the manifestations of the US position and the statement of the US view of the conflict between the Jordanian government and Palestinian armed factions.It was the first and last goal of the Palestinian armed factions that was taken from Jordanian territory starting point for its military operations against Israel, the goal is to revolt against the rule of King Hussein, and was claimed repeatedly that the throne went to the Palestinians, and it followed the style of armed action to grab its right, in contrast, King Hussein and the US administration believe that the existence of such so organizations poses a real threat to the throne of the country on the one hand and on Jordan's relations with the Western world and the United States of America and Israel private, so we see that Jordan is often asked for assistance and advice to US and Israeli secret and openly in order to put an end to the persistence of factions Palestinian, which I talked about US reports.It was the European countries Her relationship and international organizations stand on the events of Black September and the issue of the conflict between the Palestinian factions and the Jordanian army and differed dealing with the phenomenon of abduction of civil aircraft, as it followed many of the procedures and methods in order to end the issue of release of the hostages, and was among those roads send delegations and representatives to negotiate with the leaders of the Palestinian factions, which turned away by the US administration and promised him an encroachment on the agreements that had been held between them and the international Red Cross, an organization that tried to follow the diplomatic methods in order to end the conflict in Jordan.I tried the US to follow the style of negotiations, roads diplomacy in dealing with the Jordanian crisis, particularly with regard to the issue of release of foreign hostages who have fallen, however, the Popular Front release was the public policy of the US administration, either in secret were the military preparations in full swing, especially after it found things are not going according to its vision, therefore embarked on the study of military invasion plan as an alternative in front of the intransigence of the Palestinian factions.The US administration positions not only in dealing with the Jordanian crisis that way, but overtaken by to provide military and financial aid and humanitarian aid, in the aftermath of the crisis, because of that suffered by the country from a severe shortage of food and lack of military equipment the US administration tried to correct path its relationship with Jordan and the ever recovered from the deteriorating situation politically and militarily, and by following the policy of armament and send more military and political advisers to Jordan.