Study the characteristics of quality of groundwater in the province of Kirkuk and ways to invest


The study is based on the results of analyzes of characteristics qualitative models (57) wells drilled in the study area, the amount of the concentrations of those characteristics and geographical distribution in the province of Kirkuk and the possibility of investing in multiple areas of the statement, showing from which most of the concentrations and high levels located in the district (Hawija, Daquq, and Center). So that the majority of the groundwater wells that districts exceed the concentrations characteristics qualitative limits for most of the different areas on the contrary, we find that the majority of valid wells for various uses located in (Dbass & Lelan), because of the qualitative characteristics that fall within the permitted for those uses border. This is due to the geological formations to those areas containing materials (lime and limestone), such as stone (limestone, dolomite, gypsum). Also played a geological characteristics have an important role in determining the amount of groundwater, covering the study area geological formations consisting of sedimentary rocks consisting mostly of gravel, sand and characterized by permeability rocks allows water access during and formation water tanks inside those rocks.