Geographic characteristics in Babil governorate and the possibility of increasing the fish culture


This study aims at revealing the conditions of Pisciculture and fish production in Babylon Government, analyzing the natural elements as relating this aspect and the ability of developing it via defining the problems that obstruct this development.The importance of this study resulted from being depending on a very important and vital subject which is fish wealth which connected deeply with the society life and securing its developmental future especially that this subject related the nutritive aspect which is the base of society development .In addition the fish wealth is a renewal wealth might be preserved to be depended on to face the increased population in our country .The study depends on the research methods that the researcher preferred knowing that all these methods are within the general geographic method which are represented by connection , distribution and analysis .The researcher referred to all the available researches and studies that dealt with the fish wealth ( pisciculture ) ,leaflets , magazines and the relating offices as well as the information that are taken from the previous studies and the field studies .This research deals with the nutrition and economic importance of fish, as well as the increasing number of the fish cultivations in Iraq and in the government from 2003 – to 2010, and also reviews the geographic distribution of the fish cultivation and their production according to the administrative units in province of Babylon for 2010, as well as the study of geographical features affecting in breeding and production of fish in the study area.The study obtain a set of conclusions such as :-1-The fish cultivations numbers are increased in Iraq in 2010 comparing with 2005 and the following years , and so it in Babylon where the number was (400) in 2003 and became (714 ) in 2010.2-The fish cultivations numbers are varied according to administrative units in Babylon, the center of Al-Mahaweel district occupied the first position, followed by Al- Eskanderiya and Sadat Al –Hindiyah. Marketing had the great effect on this concentration.3-Babylon government had the natural elements that helped in establishing pisciculture represented by site , surface nature, climatic characteristics, soil and water resources) with the possibility of increasing the productivity and improving the quality