Challenges faced by the Iraqi electronic payments system (Applied Study at the Central Bank of Iraq)


The Iraqi banking sector works in a changing banking environment, which requires it to keep abreast of developments that occur on the system, as the electronic payments system will be the future system for all payments forms in all institutions, Because it leads to speed completion of transaction accurately and effectively for its essential role to the financial and monetary authority. This system faces challenges, some of which is the customers not understanding the system and the benefits that it could bring to them and to the development of banking environment, which is still working by traditional methods in the Iraqi Banks. Also not having the suitable infrastructures and the weakness of data and information, in addition to the failing cultural levels of the cadre working at the Iraqi Banks. We have found, while practically working, the huge significant difference in the period between 2011 and 2013, in money transference, whether for the temporary total settlement system or for the clearing electronic instruments system, and whether in Iraqi Dinars or in US dollars.