Iris Recognition-based Security System with Canny Filter


Abstract – Image identification plays a great role in industrial, remote sensing, andmilitary applications. It is concerned with the generation of a signature to the image.The human iris recently has attracted of biometric-based identification and verificationresearch and development community. This iris is so unique that no two irises are alike,even among identical twins in the entire human population.In this work we propose a security system based on Iris biometric feature extraction.The focus was on the eye image, which is devoid of the eyelid and eyelashes that isdone by using a camera which has the ability to show the iris with white background(eye sclera) only, using a proper position of eye on camera. The system automaticallyacquires the biometric data in numerical format (Iris images) by using a properlylocated sensor. We are considering camera as a high quality sensor. Iris images aretypically color images that are analyzed to three bands monochrome images (Red,Green, and Blue). Each band of monochrome image represents a grey scale image. Thenthe feature extraction algorithm is used to detect Iris Effected Region (IER) for eachmonochrome image, and then extract features from IER that are numericalcharacterization of the underlying biometrics. Later we identify the authorized personby comparing the features obtained from the feature extraction algorithm with thepreviously stored features by producing a similarity score. This score indicates thedegree of similarity between a pair of biometrics data under consideration. Dependingon degree of similarity, authorized person can be identified.A successful identification rate of 100% was achieved for ten person iris images.