The role of the pathologist in the criminal investigation


ConclusionFind evidence of criminal has become a very complex issue in front of the evolution of criminal methods used by the offender in the implementation of his crime,the latter wich deeply exploit modern technology ,wich has become a double-edged sword ,on the one hand has contributed to the detction of crime,on the other hand are the same as that put in the hands of professionals criminality advanced methods to be used in the commission of the most serious crimes and hidden ,so it came to be the offender defies intelligence and superiority until the legislature and the judiciary.Hence ,it seemed necessary to keep pace with this development award of acriminal policy based on SC scientific progress in all fields, especially including the field of forensic medicine, which showed judicial practices to achieve the results of a high degree of trust and importance in the field of criminal investigation made him a way to prove acceptable to the court sings the judg about the need for mental process that seeks it down to the truth ,and thus gave him a chance to activate its role in the search for evidence of criminal ,throgh the use of physicians immigrants in order to obtain forensic evidence that became controls the fate of the public action and thus the fate of the accused the forensic aspire always to search for scientific truth and present it to the judiciary to enlighten him to walk in the public action aimed at the application of sanctions measures of scurity to the shareholders in the commission of the crime ,based on the evidence or sings fixed settle in the conscience of the judge after the scrutiny and beats the balance of right and law.