Arbitration as a means to settle international trade disputes


Extract Arbitration is one of the oldest institutions entrusted with the task of resolving disputes and resolution. Where the rights holder since the ancient eras . And the evolution of the development of international trade. Even usually become authentic entrenched in the hearts of people . Have thought being a function of the judiciary and justice and a means to resolve disputes and arbitration is the most important means by which to resolve the contractual dispute in the area of trade and As characterized by the properties and attributes of several lured many comparison to resort to what is characterized by justice and confidentiality , speed and economy and to avoid routine and traditional dispute resolution procedures in all legal systems. Those qualities made him president of investor security to dispel the fears of the specter of national authority of the host country and the risk of their use of the concept of sovereignty to initiate actions undermine gains and investor funds and contracts concluded with the national . And is considered a kind of private arbitration courts, the parties to the conflict in which their own free will and free choice as a way to resolve the dispute between them, and the selection of arbitrators who represent them and the actions that follow it and sometimes the law that applied to him .