Protect the Right of the Child to Education


AbstractThe protection of child's right in education is considered one of most important Matters in our days .This right is due is to a large and remarkable category in the society slices the constitutional legislation had organized the child's rights and classified them within the legal rules of the family in general and that of motherhood particularly .Therefore, the child should have a particular care which insure his rights and protect him the society as a whole.All the constitution of the state as well as the domestic legislation andinternational treaties ,and declaration affirmed on The protection of child's right in general and his rights in education in particular, one the most important international conventions which affirmed this matter is the convention of child's right of 1989, which provided how states could find the appropriate machinery to enact the legal and constitutional provisions that insure the child's right in education actually in order to put an end to mass let racy in some contemporary societies especially the Iraqi community and to find the right solution for this problem. In addition to that the necessity to make all the people society has equal priorities to have the right in education without any exceptions.