Iraq's foreign policy between strategy and human capital and knowledge


SummaryIraq's foreign policy: relations between strategy and human capital and knowledgeForeign policy is aimed at protecting the interests of the state, and the order of the external environment, in order to serve the national goals, and come up for discussion several issues related to foreign policy, including:Who makes foreign policy, and how?And how is the order of the external environment?What are the means that are used, in achieving the goals of foreign policy? ...In this research, the focus was on the relationship between:Human resources, working in the foreign policy field-Foreign policy work methods- Strategy, how to plan for the implementation of foreign policy.In this research, the focus was on Iraq, as an example of a country needs to mature foreign policy, and attention to the involvement of academics, in foreign policy-making process.Find and treatment of points, that: the ability of official bodies, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on the effective foreign policy, industry, and the implementation of a successful foreign policy, without the use of academic institutions.Find discussed, secured, through four points:1--challenges facing Iraq2--effectiveness of Iraq's foreign policy3--how can be activated: the performance of Iraqi foreign policy4--post academics in making Iraqi politics