Indirect Foreign Investment in Iraqi Stock Market (compartive study)


AbstractTheimportance of stock markets shows in the process of economic development as one of the important mechanisms for pooling together of public and private saving, and directing them into various channels of investments. Insofar as the process of economic development in any country requires pooled capital funds, it will be unimaginable to achieve the desired developmental rates in the absence of capital. Therefore, the stock markets gives impetus to the process of economic development and the process of economic growth. The stocks are traded in the market in the form of loans by means of bonds, in forms of ownership rights, or in the form of stocks or other transferrable stock. So the stock market is regarded as a center of concentration and aggregation of capital, then transferred to a long or short-term investments in shares and bonds This research highlight the Iraqi legislators’ attitude in regard to allowing the foreign investor (company and individual) to invest in the indirect stock markets and particularly in shares, in other words, in regard to allow him to register in the stock market especially in the exchange stock market, in the sub- market and then accord him the right to trading [in restricted equity] (selling and buying) with the stock, and we reached many conclusions and suggestions in the hope that we can resolve these issues completely