Rule of constitutional judge in protect rights and public freedoms


AbstractIt was a decision to establish the Federal Supreme Court does not agree with the spirit of the age, but with the necessities of logic, so as to reduce the excesses of the legislative branch and the executive branch. What our concern on the determination of what is going on earthquakes and wars and strife and corruption, and the rest are legitimate analogy, but al-Qaida in its broadest sense. In the existing state of law and institutions of democracy must be safeguards against public citizens' rights and freedoms. The Constitutional Council is particularly constitutional judge is the authority that limit these abuses and thus turned without exceeding their powers so that does not pose a threat to citizens' rights and freedoms. Therefore, the constitutional council and constitutional judge took a large volume in the democracies of the post-World War II as an arbiter between the legislature and being Altnivehbaladhavh to prevent the legislature override constitutional rule and the limits of Atjaz itself nor any other authority to exceed.It is through the new role of constitutional judge, another concept of the constitution emerged as a guarantor of citizens' rights and freedoms as through such control has become a constitution is a cornerstone in the building of the freedoms and rights of citizens, and that without to prove and collateral have only the desire of the parliamentary majority controlling interests in the parliament and the rapid changes imposed by the constitutional judge through control conducive to the human rights and freedoms, and how the crystallization of this new concept to the Constitution, and make it a key pillar of those rights and freedoms? This is precisely what in this research is marked by the constitutional role of the judge in the protection of rights and public freedoms.