Lease seasonal As an exception to the Property No. 87 Rent Law 1979 average


SummaryMeant by "seasonal lease contract" entered into housing up to the summer tourism or recreation or for a limited period and lease seasonally one of the transactions that have spread among the people, especially investors, whether they are owners or tenants decades.Because of some of the interventions in this matter, including the rent seasonal contract is a contract is not subject to the legal extension and not subject to the base wage determination any realization of the principle (pacta sunt servanda), to avoid the reluctance of venture capitalists from investing their money in the field of tourism (tourism investment), all made rent seasonal held a lease of a particular kind exceptionally not subject to the provisions of the Iraqi property No. 87 Rent Act of 1979 as amended by Law No. 56 of 2000 but must be subject to a special law by strictly regulates its provisions from all sides and in line with the end of this decade, and thus Considering the law which regulates the rent seasonal contract is an exception to the exception, and this contract has the conditions of validity contract and has the privacy terms of the duration and place of the contract and ends rent seasonal held natural finish for other contracts and is implemented, that each party shall implement the commitments approved under the contract, either completion work Headquarters or at the end of her term.