Imam Ali speech in th five factories


The research observes a number of Imam Ali ( P.U.h) speecheson the levels of form and content adopting the logical standarddepending on the speech type of text :- description, praise and exhortation.( Deviation= figurative) represents a clear presence in the descriptive speech as the structural relations indicate that the linguistic types go beyond truth to the unbelievable ranges, this had been traced also in the praise and exhortation speeches, where averages of the deviations thatgo beyond the ordinary style, are so high, with the presence of the other types that subject to believe.On the level of content, the poetic feature is the dominating one where the logical standards are applied on the descriptive speech of Imam Ali ( P.U.h)in general; ( types of people) speech is an evidence. The study also concludes that the speech standard dominates the praise of Imam Ali ( P.U.h), and that poetic and oratorical rates in theexhortation are approximate.