A Geographical Analysis for the FactorsAffecting the General Characteristics of the Population and the residence in Al-Najaf city ( using SPSS Program


Factors affecting differ in characteristics and housing characteristics of the population of the city to another, and that according to scientific progress and living standardsAnd the degree of social development, economic and political, as well as affect the modern technological and available and the possibility of owning and using them,There is no doubt that those factors that exist in some cities, the same can apply to other cities, but the impact of each factor varies from city to another and from one locality to another within the same city.he study addressed the factors affecting the general characteristics of the population and housing in the city of Najaf, which was used in the analysis of the global population and residential properties that have been adopted in the program after pruning elements of their large size and the difficulty of use in the analysis combined analysisThe results have led to the emergence of five major factors affecting population and residential properties in the city of Najaf, and these factors have tested other programs for the purpose of knowing whether they are or not analysis.