Geomorphological study of Halabja


Each of the geographical regions specificity of geomorphological distinguish it from other regions of the rocky nature, soil and vegetation lid ... etc., the study focused on natural factors affecting the functioning of geomorphological processes in the district of Halabja, which showed that the quality of geological formations, and the type of the prevailing climate, and topography of the region, and Hedrologitha, It has encouraged the activity of some geomorphological processes (chemical weathering and landslides). Water was also the strongest role in the formation of a majority of geomorphological units in the study area. As it has been marked by three types of geomorphological units included those secondary divisions of units. . First, unit of denudational origin and this included (Relief of mountain slopes with expressive erosional modeling, Glacis, waterfalls, Valley rivers) secondly Unit of Depositional Origin and this included (Flood plains, Depression Deposit) and Units of solutional origin and this included (karst, Karst caves, Springs).And finally it was painted geomorphological hazards map in the study area, intended to clarify the best sites for human investment first, and to find the solutions for areas that are exposed to the dangers, such as those exposed to landslides.