Study of Microbial, Chemical content of Iraqi White Soft Cheese in Basrah Markets


This study was done to know for microbial contaminators and some chemical composition forlocal soft cheese in Basrah markets and the evaluation the healthy range from health scale stratification ofIraq, Gathering 10 specimen of local soft cheese during the month of September 2012 , Chemicalcomposition and microbial checking procedure done , the result showed in creased their microbialcontent was reached Mold 5×103 Spore/g in sample of Basrah , Total aerobic bacteria 2×108 CFU/gm,Coliform bacteria 8×103 CFU/gm, Staph. 4×104 CFU/gm in sample of 5 Mel , Ashar cheese, chemicalcontent showed decreased in fat and increased of acidity , salt for most of cheese sample.