The Rhetoric Elision and its Effect in Creating the Rhetoric Image- Khalid Al-Katib's


This research tackled the textual Omission in the rhetoric image. The role of rhetoric is not just describing the texts and the methods of composing them, but it exceeds that to the conditions of creativity. The poet in the rhetoric creation is always in search for the tools to create a picture and he organizes those tools in a way that a relation is created that achieves the aims and transfers the feelings. Omission is regarded as one of the elements of the deep structure of the rhetoric image. This is a sign of the fact that the elements of rhetoric that are omitted has a deep mental structure that keeps the cohesion of the whole image. Therefore, the omission expands the relation between the poet and the receiver.It has been revealed the using omission increases the cohesion of the image for what it has of connection elements which underlies the contexts of the structures, because the existence of all the structures of the context affects the profoundness and effect. The receiver receives the meaning completely without any effort which makes the text lose the intensity which the creator searches for. Therefore the writer chose the feature of intensity to activate the mind of the receiver and to elevate the level of indication. The poet Khalid Al-Katib has used the omission to improve the meaning that he wants to send in a rhetoric image through artistic economy